A company in England with an account in one of the most honourable banks of the UK - Lloyds Bank.

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About the company:

  • Date of registration: 4.03.2019
  • Director / Owner - a Latvian citizen living in the UK
  • Type of activity: 46900 - wholesale trade;
  • The expected first payment should not exceed 500,000 GBP / EUR
  • Planned turnovers will be announced after the purchase. In this case, it is needed to provide the bank with an information about the counterparties (Name, jurisdiction of the company, jurisdiction of the account, currency, amount, separately incoming / outgoing payments)
  • Account currencies: GBP, EUR, USD

The time frame for providing access: 5-7 days.

To obtain access the client should pass through a simple KYC procedure:

  1. Fill out the KYC questionnaire.
  2. Provide a scan of the passport.
  3. Provide proof of address.
  4. Provide information on expected receipts to the account and payments from the account.

The term of checking documents is 2-3 days.

Thank you for your query. We will contact you soon.