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  • Information about the beneficiaries and directors in the UAE is closed, subject to the registration of the company in free zones.

The United Arab Emirates is a federal state in the Middle East, which consists of 7 emirates (each individually represents a state).

The UAE is rightfully considered to be one of the most rapidly developing countries; it is one of the world's largest centers of business and financial activity. The government of the Emirates is trying to promote the development of local business and attract foreign investment, so the registration of the UAE company is one of the popular services.

It is possible to open a company in the Emirates either simply in the country or in special free zones. Although the Emirates are considered a «tax haven», 55% of the revenues are paid by companies associated with oil production and gas production, as well as firms in the banking sector.

In addition, in the absence of such a tax, as income and dividends, the business here is licensed and renewing this license will cost about $5,000 per year.

The list of free economic zones in the UAE (free zones or free economic zones) includes more than 35 of them and this is not counting those that are in the process of being created.

According to IQ Decision's lawyers, it is possible to open a business in the United Arab Emirates precisely because special conditions for attractiveness have really been created here for foreign citizens:

  • The UAE is practically at the crossroads of the main Eurasian trade routes, which means it is an extremely convenient area for commercial contacts.
  • Business travelers are served by 7 state-of-the-art international airports in the Emirates, and there are equipped seaports for transporting goods and cargo.
  • The pace of development of the country's economy is also one of the positive factors.
  • 7 Emirates – with a similar, but not the same independent legislation, prices and conditions for business provide a field for maneuver and additional choice.
  • Again, there are free tax-free zones where it is possible to register a company in the UAE without the participation of Emirates citizens.
  • Loyal tax policy.
  • Stable political situation.
  • No exchange of financial information.
  • High confidentiality.
  • No currency control.
  • Assistance to foreign business by the state.
  • Ability to arrange a business in the Emirates offshore and onshore type.
  • Open a company in the UAE – gives the right to a resident visa. You can legally stay in the territory of the United Arab Emirates for 3 years.

IQ Decision's specialists draw the attention of their clients, who have decided to register a company in the United Arab Emirates, that the very process of registering an application for registering a company takes place on the day filing. If you want to open an account in the UAE – at a local bank, you can literally the next day. If you want to open a bank account in the Emirates in a foreign bank – the legalization procedure will take you about 2 weeks.

The onshore personnel requirements range from 2 to 50 employees, and the starting minimum capital for opening an LLC is 300,000 dirham or 82,000 US dollars. Money is paid in cash.

To officially open an offshore in the UAE will require at least 1 shareholder and / or director, materials about which get into government agencies, but do not appear in the public domain. The authorized capital is equal to one dirham or is absent altogether, the cost of discovery depends on the nuances of $2,000.

Registration of companies in the UAE takes place after determining the type of activity and, depending on this, you will receive the appropriate license. It is allowed to open an offshore company in the UAE with full foreign capital.

UAE non-residents can set up a company in the Emirates in five basic ways:
  • permanent establishment;
  • branch;
  • enterprise in the free zone;
  • civil company;
  • company – commercial intermediary.

If you want to become an owner today, it is possible to buy a company in the UAE remotely, already with an open bank account. In order to buy ready-made offshore in the UAE, you need to contact the lawyers of our company – IQ Decision.

If you decide to register a company in the Emirates, IQ Decision's professional lawyers will give you the help you need to open an account in the UAE.

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