Scottish LP + CSOB: 1 week
Scottish LP + FIO: 1 week

Avoiding automatic information exchange:

Ireland LP + New Zealand financial institution: 2599 EUR


Belize LTD + Pasta Bank:999 EUR

Prestige LTD with zero taxation:

Hong Kong LTD + ING bank Poland: 3600 EUR

Company and bank account in Europe in one jurisdiction with low taxation:

Hungary LTD + MKB bank Hungary: 2999 EUR
Cyprus LTD + RCB bank Cyprus: 2499 EUR

Company and account in one jurisdiction with the avoidance of automatic exchange:

UAE (RAK) LTD + Mashreq bank: 3700 EUR

Ready-made Hong Kong company with the bank account:6500 EUR

Popular jurisdictions

All jurisdictions

We offer not only standard solutions - we can flexibly approach the issue and implement according to your wishes

Recommended banks

We will advise you on the bank that interests you.

Each bank has its own characteristics. We will help you to understand what is best for you.

  • Current accounts.
  • Merchant accounts.
  • Personal accounts.


Чехия €1900

Корпоративный счет

BOS Bank

Польша €1750

Корпоративный счет


Лихтенштейн €1750

Корпоративный счет

Latvijas pasta banka

Латвия €500

Корпоративный счет


Чехия €1800

Корпоративный счет

UniCredit Bank

Чехия €1700

Корпоративный счет

DSK Bank

Болгария €2800

Корпоративный счет


We will accompany you until we hand over the license

Let's tell you which license is needed. We will tell you what is needed and can be explained step by step in all the moments. The receipt process is 1-2 or 3 months.

  • Кредитные и залоговые операции
  • Процессинг платежей
  • Обменно-валютные операции
  • Торговля на FOREX
  • Other

Processing and Merchant

A wide range of options and solutions

For low-risk businesses, we have options for opening in reliable European banks with minimal commissions. Even with High Risck we work, if our activity is clear for us.

Процессинг Мерчант
Funds and Trusts

Offshore (low-tax jurisdictions) is a key tool that allows you to legally and within the limits of the law save your money. Many of our partners already save. Call us and get a free consultation to get the most out of your business.

A little about the benefits of offshore

  • Confidentiality
  • Simple and quickly.
  • Flexibility and accessibility.
  • Minimum requirements.

Advanced Tools for business

We offer advanced services

The best offer is then, after which you will recommend us to partners or relatives, and not where we will earn more from you.__nl__We realize your orders on the fulfilled systems, known to us from experience, and not in theory.

Selection of suitable jurisdiction

Countries and their features


Registration for your system

Anonymous account



Big business



"I decided to open a corporate account in a Latvian bank. I applied to the company, because the bank had them on the site, and they offered to open it in other banks without refusing it. But that's not the point. I spent half a year with grief in half using the account, giving endless confirmation at the request of the bank for doubtful translations in their opinion. And here after half a year access to my account was blocked. I was forced to apply for the opening of a new account while the proceedings were ongoing. This time I did not have on the example of a certain bank and I agreed to the offered to me. In two weeks I already used a new account and to this day no complaints. Guys fellows, and I lost time and so until I returned the money from the Latvian bank. In vain I did not listen from the very beginning..."



"In another company I ordered an offshore registration and an account opening. The company was registered, but they could not open the account. After this, turning to others, I learned that it turns out that you can open an account by buying from them and the company, and so not only from them ... I am heartily grateful to IQ Decision that they entered the position and opened an account without registering another company."

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